10 Year Celebration

It gives me great pleasure that I Patso Parichkov and my wife Rozy celebrated our 10 Year anniversary as proud Owners of The Deck Restaurant on the 17 November 2018!

We came to this country 15 years ago and never thought this would be possible. We have been in the industry for over 15 years, and now have owned The Deck Restaurant for 10 years. Although we had struggles over the years such as the 2 year-period road construction and mine retrenchments, our business stayed open due to our experience, hard work, tasty cuisine and our loyal customers who supported us!

We invited our closest customers who became family over the years to celebrate this day with us, and it was a privilege for us to celebrate this day with those who helped our dreams become a reality!

There was an outside Spit of Tenderized Lamb, Succulent Chicken and Matured Beef which my Chefs and I cooked to perfection, as well as a variety of Bulgarian sides such as Salads and Vegetables
to go with the mains. We then ended the night with Pleasant Desserts and cake.

It was truly an enjoyable evening for myself and my customers! With Tasty Food, Great Company and Live Entertainment the night was truly a noble success for us and we hope to keep satisfying our customers for Years to come!